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Addressing biological and chemical threats through Systems Analysis

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Global Chemical and Biological Security (GCBS) utilizes a systems analysis approach to develop solutions that reduce the risks posed by biological and chemical threats. We perform country and regional studies that focus on highly infectious diseases and the bioscience technologies, expertise, and infrastructure to combat them.  Analysis categorizes biological and chemical threats worldwide, within a country, or within a region.

GCBS analysis efforts also inform the development of laboratory network plans to enable implementation of and compliance with International Health Regulations. We aim to improve diagnostic system performance—such as determining which diagnostic technologies to be used and when to use them, assessing local capacities, mapping sample transportation routes, and providing guidance on potential options for facility placement—to create a sustainable national laboratory network.

GCBS can also perform specialized analyses, as needed. Recent examples include evaluating national approaches to One Health advancement, as well as analyzing the feasibility of using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for transporting diagnostic specimens.