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IBCTR Human Capacity Development

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IBCTR promotes the development of the competencies and infrastructure necessary to reduce biological and chemical threats worldwide. Our partnerships foster collaboration and cooperation rather than prescribed compliance or “check-the-box” activities.  

IBCTR accomplishes capacity building and outreach through:

  • Training center development (both personnel and facilities)
  • Biosafety and biosecurity training development
    • Enhancement of the safety and security of biological materials, including risk assessment training
    • Operational response to biological incidents
    • Incident response development (response, preparedness, and references)
  • Chemical safety and security office training
    • Training for academic chemists, chemical engineers, and chemical industries professionals
    • Policy and legislation workshops
    • Chemical supply chain security
    • Risk assessment training
    • Emergency preparedness training for chemical accidents and attacks
    • Chemical material control and accountability training
  • Tailored training for visiting scholars