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Global Chemical and Biological Security

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Countering global biological and chemical threats

The Global Chemical and Biological Security group (GCBS)–formerly International Biological and Chemical Threat Reduction (IBCTR)–enhances national and international security by developing and executing innovative solutions for countering biological and chemical threats worldwide. We apply systems-based approaches to prevent or reduce the risk of intentional or accidental release of dangerous biological and chemical agents.

GCBS strengthens capacities to safely, securely, and responsibly detect, handle, and control these agents by:

  • Promoting the responsible use of biological and chemical agents, equipment, and expertise globally.
  • Improving awareness and management of the risks associated with their intentional or accidental misuse.
  • Encouraging global partnerships and adherence to international risk management standards.  

The sheer complexity of how biological and chemical threats affect individuals, animals, communities, and global networks calls for a comprehensive and integrated battery of capabilities that confronts every stage of a threat’s lifecycle. We deliver the science, technology, and technical policy solutions for mitigating these threats through:

GCBS also utilizes Sandia’s bioscience research and development to accomplish its mission. Combining pioneered technology with extensive human health research, the bioscience sector's acheivements enable GCBS to understand, anticipate, and mitigate both natural and unnatural biological threats (i.e., pathogens/outbreaks and the malicious misuse of biological agents).

Our place in the National Laboratories Complex

Sandia National Laboratories combines research and development, proven methodologies, and experienced specialists to provide innovative, science-based, systems-engineering solutions to the nation’s most challenging national security problems.

Sandia’s Center for Global Security and Cooperation (CGSC) reduces current and emerging terrorism and WMD proliferation threats by creating sustainable, robust, and affordable system solutions through international cooperation. 

GCBS, a program within CGSC, therefore directly supports Sandia’s mission. GCBS activities also enable Sandia to continue its role as a vital component of the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) National Laboratory Complex, specifically through:

  • Human Capacity Development
    • Safety and security risk management training
    • Establishing local training centers and trainers
    • Law enforcement-specific training
  • Risk Management
    • Risk management standards and regulatory frameworks
    • Core risk management program documents
    • Lab design / programming expertise
    • Facility-specifc safety, threat, vulnerability, and risk assessments
    • Safety and security upgrades
  • Systems Analysis
    • Global, regional, and country analyses of biological and chemical sectors
    • Network analysis of laboratory systems
    • Disease outbreak modeling
  • Health Security
    • Surveillance and control
    • Human and veterinary public health
    • Incident detection and response